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The world of software has changed into one of continuous delivery and learning. Great code is not enough. A holistic, user-centric and evidence-driven product development process is key to your organization’s success. My workshops and presentations teach your organization how to take advantage of this new reality and put it into production fast.

‘A terrific storyteller, Jeff uses his gift to share big, complex ideas in simple, accessible ways. We all take away something we can use to improve our own position immediately; and something we can’t wait to tell to people we meet.’ – Julian Hirst, Director of International Development, Native Design

As the author of the award-winning Lean UX book and the Harvard Business book Sense & Respond as well as a veteran product designer, team leader and coach, I am uniquely qualified to bring these ideas to your teams.

Interactive, fun, hands-on workshops

Focusing on: Enterprise innovation, product discovery, Lean UX, Lean Startup, Agile, scrum, cross-functional team collaboration, agility in leadership, executive coaching and Lean enterprise

“We learned more in 2 days than we did in 6 months together as a team.”  – recent workshop participant

“Jeff Gothelf’s Lean UX workshop is spot on. Ask better questions, hypothesize, validate, repeat. Thanks Jeff! ”  – Adam Davis, 352 Inc., June 2014 workshop attendee

I work closely in a hands-on fashion with executive as well as product-level cross-functional teams (product, design, engineering) to introduce the concepts of lean thinking, agility, humility, user-centricity and data-informed product design and discovery. My workshops focus on practical techniques learned by practicing on real-world examples from your teams’ backlogs.

Workshop formats range from half day to 5-day versions.

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Learn at your pace! Lean UX Video Workshop – 4.5 hours of self-paced instruction.

Currently available talks: 

Jeff Gothelf Public Speaking

‘A leaner, more innovative company needs to start with education from the very top of an organisation. A culture of learning needs to be systemic from the very top. What I loved about was that we’re moving into a world away from just talking about Lean UX to how you actually implement it as culture within a company.’ – Pete Trainor, Director of Design, Nexus

Ship, Sense & Respond: Building a culture of continuous learning


In this talk your team will learn:

  • Why the change towards continuous software development and deployment forces a rethink of how we decide what to build
  • The power of a continuous conversation with your audience
  • How engineers, designers and product managers can work together to build teams that improve continuously

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Innovation Studios: The Engines of Enterprise Experimentation


In this talk your team will learn:

  • Why siloed innovation efforts like Innovation Labs don’t create a culture innovation
  • How to structure enterprise innovation efforts that build products that can ship and scale
  • How to incentivize your innovation teams to do the most creative work they can

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Almost Everything I’ve Learned from 5 Years of Lean UX


In this talk your team will learn:

  • Why Lean UX?
  • What an MVP actually is
  • What teams need to do to adopt and thrive in a Lean UX environment
  • How your organization must shift to support this way of working

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Lean UX: Getting out of the deliverables business

In this talk your team will learn:

  • How user experience and interaction design evolve in an agile, continuous world
  • Why creating a cross-functional design process increases the viability and success of your products
  • How to focus your teams on creating digital experiences instead of documentation

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Better product definition with Lean UX and design thinking

In this case-study rich talk your team will learn:

  • What lean ux is and how it builds off design thinking
  • How to de-risk your projects and ensure their greatest chance for success
  • Why working from assumptions and hypotheses is far more successful than a strict set of requirements

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Maintaining continuous research in an Agile backlog with experiment stories

Maintaining Continuous Research in an Agile Backlog with Experiment Stories from William Evans on Vimeo.

In this short, focused talk your team will learn:

  • The benefits of continuous learning
  • How to ensure research and learning persist as the team moves from discovery to build
  • What is an experiment story, how to write one and the benefits it brings to the entire team

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Building successful in-house innovation teams

In this talk your team will learn:

  • What environment fosters successful innovation teams
  • Who to put on the innovation team
  • How to assign work and task the innovation team as well as how to measure their success

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