I offer online, live, private training for your teams using your real-world challenges as the context for the work. Often these workshops are combined with extended remote coaching to ensure the techniques I teach stay with your teams’ daily practice.

Roll-up your sleeves and bring the whole team to join me in these fun, interactive workshops. We’ll use lecture, discussion, case studies, videos and hands-on practice to teach you how to deliver products and services customers love, using a customer-centric, outcome focused, agile and collaborative process.

I also offer several self-paced, video learning courses. The full selection can be found here.

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Available Workshops

Lean UX & Product Discovery for Agile Teams
My flagship workshop focusing on how to blend product management, user experience design and sofware development in a customer-centric agile manner. This workshop is available live online and self-paced.

You can see a class description here.

Objectives & Key Results — Everything you need to know to get started
One of the critical components of an agile transformation is goal-setting. OKRs provide the framework for agile goal-setting ensuring your team and organization are always focused on customer behavior change as the measure of success. This workshop is available:

Lean Product Management
In this hands-on, fun and interactive online workshop you will learn the essentials to becoming a modern, highly-effective product manager. Using Lean Product Management principles and tools learned at the workshop, you will leave the class able to define product strategy, create a validated business model, define and prioritize a backlog, move fast on execution and validation, build successful communication strategies for executives and team members, and deliver high value products to market consistently.

Lean product management evolves classic product management with modern product development business practices — Agile, design thinking, lean startup, growth hacking, behavioral economics, business model generation and much more. We will teach you how to combine these practices to build a robust view of the business problems you are trying to solve and to focus on the most promising solutions using rigorous validation methods to test, learn and bet on the ideas most likely to be winners.

Sense & Respond — A leadership workshop to build the culture that builds great products

The goal of this training is to help leadership teams recognize their process as a “product” that serves “customers”, in this case the teams that use it. In this way, your team’s ways of working become experiments to figure out how best to work together.

This 4-week, remote, hands-on workshop teaches up to 50 participants how to apply agility, design thinking and sense & respond principles to their ways of working. The goal of the class is to set a foundation – a baseline – for how to approach improving the ways the team listens to customers, designs solutions, builds and ships them and learns from their customers. At the same time the course helps set expectations about how to measure the success of each process experiment and what to do in cases of success and failure.

Agile Group Therapy — Getting to the core issues that make for successful ways of working

Agile transformations are hard and, at times, can be exhausting. Throw in a pandemic, working from home, new teammates you may have never met, and fluctuating market conditions and you’ve got a recipe for burnout. This course is designed to help with just that.

Using a series of fun, hands-on activities I will show how you can overcome these challenges by first shifting your behaviour and then shifting your mindset. The goal of this course is not to teach you yet another way of doing a stand-up. Instead, we’ll create an experience to help you envision what a culture of learning, collaboration and agility can be while providing practical tips for avoiding agile burnout. Available in-person or remotely.

Professional Scrum with UX – A scrum.org certified training
Josh Seiden and I worked with the professional scrum trainers at scrum.org to develop this certfication course that brings together the standard practices of scrum and melds them seamlessly with user experience design, research and lean ux work. This course is globally available in various formats directly from scrum.org’s team of professional scrum trainers.