I work as a coach, speaker, author & consultant to help organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products.

Jeff Gothelf - photo credit John Maeda
Photo credit: John Maeda

I started my career as a designer working with the first companies to use the internet as a new communication, sales and service channel. Over my 20 year career I have worked as an information architect, design team leader, product manager, founder, trainer, coach and consultant.

After co-writing the award-winning Lean UX (O’Reilly, 2013 & 2016) and Sense & Respond (HBR Press, 2017) I co-founded Sense & Respond Press with co-author, longtime business partner and friend Josh Seiden. The goal? Bring customer-centric, evidence-based decision making and agility back into corporate cultures.

Having worked at early internet firms like America Online (AOL) and iXL I saw first-hand the potential this new way of communicating had to transform how we lived, worked and transacted. I spent the first half of my career designing the products and systems millions of people used every day. Ten years into my career I reached an interesting cross-roads.

Much of the work I and the teams I worked with were doing was focused on getting software shipped to market with little concern for how well these products and services met the needs of our customers and users. I knew there had to be a better way.

Working with my teams at first at TheLadders and then as a co-founder at Neo Innovation (one of the first Lean & Agile agencies) I helped bring the ideas of customer-centric, cross-functional collaboration to light and refined the application of these ways of working through another decade of consulting, coaching and iteration.

Today I work as an independent consultant to large organizations struggling with their digital transformation, increasing their agility and integrating good product management and User Experience practices into their ways of working. I teach and coach executives and product teams on these challenges and am proud to be a contributor to these organizations’ evolution.

On a personal note, I am happily married for nearly 20 years and am am the proud father of two amazing daughters. We also have an old cat and a young dog. There’s likely an Exorcist joke in here somewhere but I’ve yet to find it. 🙂

I am excited to partner with executives and companies looking to improve not only their products but the culture that builds them. To learn more please reach out directly at jeff@gothelf.co.

Since you made it this far, here’s a pic of me having fun with my pal @snack00.