Jeff on stage at Agile by Example in Warsaw, Poland
Jeff on stage at Agile by Example in Warsaw, Poland

There are many videos, podcasts and other recordings freely available online where I share thoughts, conversations and presentations on the topics of business agility, digital transformation, product management and user-centric product development. I’ve put together link shortcuts below to help you easily find these lists and a specific video or podcast. I will update this list as new recordings become available.

I’ll keep updating this list as new materials come online.

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  1. I am a freelance journalist who writes two columns for the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, which offer the latest ideas and tips for managers. I saw your Harvard Business Review article, can’t find a publicist or publisher, so am approaching you for a review copy to understand the method better and potentially write on it. By the way, the connect with you link on the page about the book didn’t do anything on my Firefox browser — may not be working.

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