‘Universitas is frequently referred to as the best corporate University in the world. Jeff and his insights are helping make it even better. He personifies his own messages of agility and lean and he is innovative in everything that he does. He is interesting, novel and inspiring and he is exactly the sort of faculty, the sort of maestro, that we want to work with at Universitas. He helps the participant with not just what to think but how to think.’

– Rory Simpson, Chief Executive Learning Officer at Telefonica

why you should work with me

I help orgs build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products.

I have worked as an in-house employee, consultant, manager and entrepreneur in companies of all sizes. I have seen agility and customer experience done well. I’ve also seen it done poorly.

My background in design and customer experience ensures that the customer’s voice is front and center in every discussion we have. I’ve shared these idea in the award-winning Lean UX book , Harvard Business Press book Sense & Respond , and in the wildly popular Lean Vs Agile Vs Design Thinking book. With this broad, diverse experience I am uniquely qualified to bring the ideas of product discovery, business agility and digital transformation to your teams.


outcome based roadmaps for agile teams

Managing to outcomes is the key to building agile teams. This is particularly visible as you begin to implement Objectives & Key Results. But how do you continue to plan product development, set expectations with stakeholders and clients and create product roadmaps that both adhere to some kind of plan and are agile enough to adjust to what your teams are learning from the market? This talk provides the answer to this and many other questions. (Hire me to give this talk)

Lean, Agile & Design Thinking

In this talk I bridge the gap between the various recipes for agility into a series of practical principles any team can adopt. (Hire me to give this talk)

almost everything i’ve learned from 8 years of lean ux

After teaching, speaking about and applying Lean UX in the real world for nearly a decade, I’ve learned a few things about how customer-centric, design-driven agile teams build great products. I share those insights in this fun talk. (Hire me to give this talk)

Sense & respond: principles for the next century of work

Building great products requires a culture that supports continuous learning, improvement and most of all, humility. In this talk I show how modern technology enables us to build learning organizations that build products our customers will love. (Hire me to give this talk)

hacking your tractor with black market code: a sense & respond case study

This fun case study of how John Deere builds integrated hardware and software products reveals the challenges organizations face creating customer experiences that respec the culture and needs of their customers with their own business needs. (Hire me to give this talk)

scaling lean: principles over process

Most lean and agile books talk about one team. What if you have 500 teams? This talk discusses scaling agile and how to create the framework to successfully bring agility to the entire organization. (Hire me to give this talk)

the power of storytelling (TEDx@ASBarcelona)

In my first TEDx talk I discuss the need for storytelling, how to compose a compelling story and why I made friends with the human cannonball.

remote Coaching

Sometimes it takes more than a keynote and workshop for a new way of working to stick. I work with product development teams, executive leadership teams and discipline-specific groups like HR, Finance, Legal and Marketing to help them understand how a human-centric, evidence-based way of working builds agility and continuous improvement into their projects, products and initiatives.

I can work and support your teams through remote coaching. Each engagement starts with an initial set of Objectives and Key Results designed to ensure we’re always improving our processes and are measuring our progress towards positive behavior change in our teams, leaders and customers.

We partnered with Jeff to work with our leadership and product development teams in an effort to re-invent how we approach managing our increasingly digital business with a customer-centric, innovative focus. Through Jeff’s experienced, hands-on coaching we’ve seen a transformational shift at Kaplan Test Prep in how we work, think about our customers and measure success. I highly recommend his services to other companies navigating today’s unique business ecosystem.

Lorin Thomas-Tavel, Chief Operating Officer at Kaplan Test Prep

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