If you would like to learn from me in a self-paced, video-based manner, I have the following courses available.

Objectives & Key Results: everything you need to know (75 minute masterclass)

In 16 short lessons I will walk through the basics of OKRs. Specifically, I cover:

  • Why we need to change the way we set goals and measure success
  • What does a good OKR statement look like
  • How to write a good objective statement
  • How to find and write great key results
  • What are the benefits of using OKRs
  • How to use OKRs in non-product teams like HR, Finance, Legal and Marketing
  • Top 3 benefits of implementing OKRs
  • Biggest challenges for successful OKR adoption

Single seat for the OKR self-paced course is $249.

Bulk purchase and site license options available upon request. Just ask.

lean ux & product discovery for agile teams

Now available is a brand new self-paced version of the massively popular live Lean UX & Product Discovery for Agile Teams workshop and online class Josh Seiden and I have been teaching together for over 10 years.

We’ve created 47 lessons, a workbook and an engaging teaching style that introduces each concept in the Lean UX canvas, step by step, allowing you to walk through a hypothetical example as well as your own work. Take a look and grab a seat for yourself and for your entire team.