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Take back control of your career and create your safety net so you don’t get left behind.

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In Forever Employable, Jeff Gothelf blows the lid off of secrets to a path of personal and professional fulfillment. Jeff speaks from experience and provides practical steps to building your own platform.

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What reviewers are saying

Shawn Melvin

This book is for people with enough work experience to know how they’re unique and don’t want to be a wage-earner forever. Forever Employable really opened my eyes into what goes into that career choice, regardless of where the content culture goes.

Eran Freilich

So I believe the book is great for those who are in a stage in their career that is similar to where you have been at the age of 35, for those who look to re-invent themselves because they need to. Without self urgency, you will become irrelevant, and this book shows you how.

Jessy Long

Just WOW. You’ve codified a recipe that enables our pursuit and fulfillment of relevance and success in none other than what we so desire to apply ourselves in.

Brandon Dube

Forever Employable offers a practical guide to the entrepreneurial journey and mindset that is part memoir and part challenge to the reader.

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Frequent Questions

Jeff, your work is in the product development and digital transformation space. Why the switch to a book on navigating the corporate setting?

Over the past 15 years many people have asked me how I built the consulting and speaking career I have today. After all, I started down the same path as most everyone else and built a successful career in software design and product development. This book is an attempt to share what I learned during my time in the corporate world and how I applied that to build the business I have today. Surprisingly, if you’re familiar with my product development work, you’ll notice similar themes, such as testing and minimizing risk in new ways of working as described in this book.

So what is your story and what makes you credible to write this book?

I planned on climbing the corporate ladder. After spending nearly a decade doing that, it got to a point where I was living the American Dream with a house, 2 cars, a mortgage, and a family. The reality though was that I was living paycheck-to-paycheck and not saving much. On top of that, every time my employers hinted at layoffs, reorgs and restructuring I would panic and prep my resume for the next job hunt.

I realized that at this pace, the status quo would remain unchanged unless I got ahead of it. When I turned 35, I had a breakthrough realization that although I had reached a relative level of success, I was on my way to being overpaid and unemployable at age 40. Therefore, I wanted to find a better way to support myself, and I did.

What does it mean to be “Forever Employable?”

It means that no matter what happens to you — either as an in-house employee or a consultant — you’ve created a level of expertise and personal brand that ensures work will always find you. It means you start building that now. It involves learning new skill sets, developing interests, growing  your own platform in your area of expertise to stay top of mind. This way, work will always find you. Through my book, I teach you how to do this too.

Will your research help me find a job?

The ideas in Forever Employable will help you find work. Or, more importantly, help work find you. What you do with those opportunities — whether it’s start a freelance consluting practice, open your own business or get that promotion at your current company — is up to you. Finding a job is one byproduct of making oneself “Forever Employable.” While my research and writings will offer certain actionable tips on how to increase employability now, they are geared toward making oneself employable at any time and in any situation.

Contact Me! Why?

 I teach workshops, give inspiring keynotes and offer remote coaching services. Also, you should contact me if you’d like to make a bulk purchase of the book.

Jeff Gothelf

Today I work as an independent consultant to large organizations struggling with their digital transformations, increasing their agility and integrating good product management and User Experience design practices into their ways of working. I’ve taken the skills I’ve learned in this practice and applied them to career transformation and empowerment. I want to make sure that everyone feels secure in their career, happy with their professional track and in control of their future. In short, I want you to stop looking for work, let your next job find you and become Forever Employable.