Episode 28 — Books, Reputation, and Networking with Rita McGrath

Posted on February 22, 2022.

Rita McGrath is a prolific author, speaker, and strategic advisor. In addition to being Strategy Professor at Columbia Business School, she is also the founder of Valize, an organization dedicated to helping other organizations build lasting innovation capability as the basis for long-term shared prosperity. Rita’s work centers at the intersection of strategy and innovation.

Rita joins Jeff Gothelf to discuss how to turn career success into an opportunity-generating platform. She shares insights on honing your craft, networking, and publishing that made her forever employable. 

You’ll hear Rita and Jeff Gothelf talk about:

The typical business school path in academia. 

How writing for practitioners differs from writing for academia.

The relationship between consistency and credibility.

Self-publishing a book vs. publishing through another party.

Forming good partnerships.

What Rita draws inspiration from.

Why working from an abundance mindset is good for everyone.


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