Episode 27 — Outside the Box with Codie Sanchez

Posted on February 15, 2022.

Codie Sanchez, a journalist turned entrepreneur, is the founder of Contrarian Thinking and cofounder of Unconventional Investors. In finding contrarian ways to invest, she has worked at the intersection of marketing and money throughout her career. She is an advisory board member at Entourage Effect Capital, and invests in women-led startups in Plum Alley, WAVE, and The Vinetta Project.

Codie joins Jeff Gothelf to share stories about the twists, turns, and lessons she experienced along her professional journey. She discusses the challenges of content creation, sharing platforms, and how she equipped herself after leaving her first profession to be forever employable.

You’ll hear Codie and Jeff Gothelf talk about:

Why people sometimes leave a great job.

The signal that points to taking the next step.

The benefits of building in public.

How Codie started sharing content, and the tools she used.

Owned content versus rented content, and why people should have the former.

Codie’s process of monetizing content.

Setting boundaries after success.


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