Episode 25 — Building Successful Communities with Enrique Rubio

Posted on February 1, 2022.

Enrique Rubio is the founder of Hacking HR, a global community of HR leaders and practitioners, and cofounder of Cotopaxi, an artificial intelligence-based recruitment platform for Latin America. He is passionate about HR, technology and innovation, and people operations.

Enrique joins Jeff Gothelf to talk about the process behind building the network and audience that is Hacking HR, and how he intends to monetize that audience. He shares insights about turning a passion into a platform for other people, creating communities, and scaling your services to become forever employable.

You’ll hear Enrique and Jeff Gothelf discuss:

Enrique’s original dream and how that evolved.

Finding your unique factor that attracts people to you.

Why authenticity matters.

Bridging the gap between HR and technology.

How Enrique is monetizing his services to scale up and make a bigger impact.

Community management and content.

Tips for building your own community.


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