Episode 23 — Startups, Brands, and Community with Julia Lemberskiy

Posted on December 21, 2021.

Julia Lemberskiy is co-founder and Managing Director at JJ Studio Agency, and Principal at Frontier Values. Ex-Uber executive turned investor and startup consultant, Julia helps startups of all sizes launch new products & markets, scale their operations, and acquire new users through world-class marketing & sales. 

Julia joins Jeff Gothelf to talk about her rapid rise to success. She shares her experience with building her personal brand and thought leadership, and her hopes for expanding even further, making her forever employable.

You’ll hear Julia and Jeff Gothelf discuss:

Julia’s high school introduction to the world of startups.

How Julia decided where to focus her personal brand.

The invaluable benefits of having a coach or mentor.

Being laid off, and how Julia bounced back.

Turning the negatives of unemployment into an opportunity to create something new.

Why it’s important to develop a target persona for your desired audience.

Julia’s prediction for thought leadership and brand and community building in the next 5-10 years.


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