Episode 22 — Incredible Content Creation with John Cutler

Posted on December 14, 2021.

John Cutler is a product evangelist, coach, and Head of Product Education at Amplitude. As an accomplished writer, John has an amazing ability to create, record, and produce content at an incredible rate. He is passionate about wrangling complex problems and answering the why with qualitative and quantitative data.

John joins Jeff Gothelf to share how he uses all the knowledge he’s obtained to build a bigger and broader following, all in service of staying forever employable. He talks about his professional journey and discusses tips for creating content.

You’ll hear John and Jeff Gothelf talk about:

John’s journey from dropping out of college and attempting a video game company to product evangelism.

How John started writing about product management.

Advice for creators interested in monetizing their content.

What John draws inspiration from, and why you don’t need to be massively inspired to create.

Laying the foundations to give yourself options.

Asking your employer for adjustments or accommodations, rather than leaving your job.

The coolest stage John has ever been on, between his stint as a musician and his job as a speaker.


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