Episode 21 — Building a Personal Brand with Jas Leverette

Posted on December 7, 2021.

Jas Leverette is a Bay Area dog trainer and dog behavior expert at California K9 Solutions, also known as Cali K9. With 20 years of experience working with hundreds of K9s, he can recognize drive, temperament, and disposition in most breeds and truly optimize a dog’s potential. Jas is also the star of his own Netflix show, Canine Inventions.

Jas joins Jeff Gothelf to share how he developed his love of dogs and passion for training them. He talks about how he grew his business, and why he decided to elevate it to a personal brand, which ended up with him having his own show and becoming forever employable.

You’ll hear Jas and Jeff Gothelf discuss:

Jas’ childhood experiences with dogs, his exposure to dog training, and his transfer from medical cannabis to pursuing dog training as a profession.

The importance of using tools correctly. 

How Jas built his reputation to the point where he started working for celebrities. 

The innocent encounter that inspired Jas to scale up from just being a dog training business.

The best parts of making a TV show.

Jas’ advice for people who are interested in turning their passion and expertise into a personal brand.

Educating people about dog behavior.