Episode 19 — Finding Your Ikigai with Simon Majumdar

Posted on November 23, 2021.

Simon Majumdar is a world-renowned chef, food writer, speaker, and broadcaster, as well as the host of the global food history podcast, Eat My Globe. He is known for his appearances as a judge on numerous hit US TV food shows, most notably those on Food Network, such as Cutthroat Kitchen, Beat Bobby Flay, and The Next Iron Chef. 

Simon joins Jeff Gothelf to share his journey, and inspire others to follow their hearts. At the age of 40, Simon quit his job as a successful publisher to fulfill his life’s ambition, where he discovered his passion for food. He discusses the tragedy that fueled his drive, his battle with depression, his professional success, and how he came out on top as forever employable.

You’ll hear Simon and Jeff Gothelf talk about:

Simon’s dissatisfaction with his previous job and how he recognized it.

The tipping point that cemented Simon’s decision to go after his dreams. 

Finding your ‘ikigai.’

Authenticity, and why it matters.

The impact of sharing your story.

Why being low-maintenance is a good thing.

How finding an area to fuel your passion can support you through adversity.