Episode 18 — Tasting Your Passions with Max Miller

Posted on November 16, 2021.

Max Miller is a YouTuber whose channel is focused around the concept of food and its history. His channel, Tasting History with Max Miller, teaches viewers how to make historic dishes while explaining what goes into the recipes, where they come from, and how to recreate them from the past. Max’s unique content has allowed him to build a following of over 900,000 subscribers.

Max joins Jeff Gothelf to talk about his journey, and encourage others to proactively go after their interests. He shares insights about how we can turn the things we’re passionate about into what we do every day and make ourselves forever employable.

You’ll hear Max and Jeff Gothelf talk about:

How Max shifted his career from theatre, to Disney, to baking.

The importance of storytelling.

What qualifies as an ‘ancient’ recipe.

How Max ignores detractors and keeps his focus on his passion.

Adding your unique contribution to your field.

Suggestions for those who are interested in pursuing their passion.