Episode 15 — When Opportunity Meets Preparation with Stephen Shedletzky

Posted on July 6, 2021.

Stephen Shedletzky is Head of Brand Experience and Lead Igniter at Simon Sinek Inc. At the start of his career, Stephen seemed to have it made already. However, he and his employer had different perspectives on leadership, and he soon had to seek other opportunities.

Stephen joins Jeff Gothelf to share his story and use it to demonstrate how persistence and perseverance will make you forever employable.

You’ll hear Stephen and Jeff Gothelf talk about:

The equation of luck.

Stephen’s noteworthy email to his (then) prospective employer.

The opportunity that rewarded Stephen for his perseverance, which spawned more opportunities.

How the journey makes the destination.

Where confidence comes from.

The advice that made Stephen push past his self-doubt.

The importance of building a network.

In the Forever Employable podcast, host Jeff Gothelf shares stimulating, impactful stories and interviews with successful professionals as he prepares to launch his new book. It is his aim to provide listeners with the actionable insights to take them from professionally fit to forever employable. 

Watch the full conversation between Stephen and Jeff.