Episode 13 — What Makes An Unstoppable Entrepreneur with Alden Mills

Posted on June 22, 2021.

Today’s Forever Employable Story is Alden Mills, an ex-Navy Seal, author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the founder, CXO Advisor, and investor at Alden Mills Companies and a member of the Board of Directors at Headsets.com. His 25 years of experience in military and business have made him into a high-performance leader with expertise in company strategy, growth, and team-building. 

You’ll hear Alden and Jeff talk about:

How Alden turned a negative into a positive and boosted his self-confidence.

The relationship between risk, failure, and success.

What entrepreneurship really is, and what makes an entrepreneur.

How the model of improvement, innovation, and invention translates into the career world.

Service as a motivator.

The importance of persistence and internal teamwork.

Reframing your mindset to see opportunities amidst uncertainty.

In the Forever Employable podcast, host Jeff Gothelf shares stimulating, impactful stories and interviews with successful professionals as he prepares to launch his new book. It is his aim to provide listeners with the actionable insights to take them from professionally fit to forever employable. 

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