Episode 08 — Becoming the All-in-One Expert with Mathieu Bitton

Posted on May 18, 2021.

Mathieu Bitton started his career as a graphic designer who, like most early-career creatives, didn’t have a huge amount of content to demonstrate his abilities, so he created an aspirational portfolio of exactly the kind he wanted to have throughout his career. Decades later, he has created almost everything he originally imagined. From freelance gigs, to American Eagle, to a project with Quentin Tarantino to becoming a sought-after photographer and artistic director for major musicians, Mathieu has mastered the art of being forever employable.

You’ll hear Jeff and Mathieu talk about:

Creating a vision for the future you want and taking steps towards it.

How Mathieu wore down the defenses of a gatekeeper standing between him and an amazing opportunity.

Why he left a prestigious, 6-figure salaried position to take a chance on a creative project.

 Why music and photography were such intense passions.

What you need to do to stay relevant in an industry with a heavy churn rate and tons of competition.

The secret to networking.

How Mathieu curates what he presents on social media, and why you should, too.

The fact that there will always be challenges and obstacles between you and what you want to achieve – but you can often remove, or work around them.

In the Forever Employable podcast, host Jeff Gothelf shares stimulating, impactful stories and interviews with successful professionals as he prepares to launch his new book. It is his aim to provide listeners with the actionable insights to take them from professionally fit to forever employable. 

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