Episode 04 — Developing Your Reputation to Secure the Future with Tendayi Viki

Posted on May 4, 2021.

In this Forever Employable Story, Jeff Gothelf talks to Tendayi Viki who made the major leap from Academia into tech after noticing a need for usability researchers and to stem the concern about being able to rely on traditional employment. Because often, opportunity meets preparation, Tendayi dove deep into the lean start-up community, volunteering his time and expertise to establish his authority and reputation as an expert which, over time, allowed him to develop his own content, audience and practice as an innovation consultant.

You’ll hear Jeff and Tendayi talk about:

How Tendayi reinvented himself after leaving Academia

 Leveraging the Stanford name and relationships into Silicon Valley boardrooms.

 Mitigating the risks that comes with changing careers.

The importance of reputation building and how to make it part of your regular schedule.

Transitioning to more virtual work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why you need to recognize blessings when they come – and work with them.

In the Forever Employable podcast, host Jeff Gothelf shares stimulating, impactful stories and interviews with successful professionals as he prepares to launch his new book. It is his aim to provide listeners with the actionable insights to take them from professionally fit to forever employable. 

Watch the full conversation between Tendayi and Jeff.