Episode 03 — Creating a Community Around Your Work with Joel Hoekstra

Posted on May 4, 2021.

Joel Hoekstra is the current guitarist for the hard rock band Whitesnake and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and is someone who Jeff Gothelf believes embodies the 5 key characteristics of being Forever Employable. Despite a global pandemic and huge disruption to the music and performance industries, Joel is staying busy and productive, and continuing to make a living doing what he loves to do. By constantly reinventing himself and being dedicated to his craft, Joel has developed a diverse set of income streams that will be able to weather any obstacles.

You’ll hear Jeff and Joel talk about:

How Jeff’s career was a series of small steps rather than a single breakthrough.

The way that opportunities seem to come from doing things that don’t make much sense at the time.

His belief that lives are changed by simple decisions – and because of this, you create your own destiny to a certain degree.

Why he thinks that promotion from anyone matters – no one is too small an opportunity.

The importance of finding ways to be productive and move forward every single day.

What it means that “the window can close so easily,” and how you can make sure your opportunities stay open. 

Why you should try to have an understanding of where you sit in the big picture.

Watch the whole conversation between Jeff and Joel.

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